About us

Hemsö is the leading owner of properties for public use in Sweden.

Hemsö will strengthen the backbone of our society

Our vision is to strengthen the backbone of our society. The properties we develop and manage have a major impact at society as a whole. It's in our properties we start our learning and where we summarize our life's deeds. The business is based on owning, managing and developing properties for nursing homes, education, care facilities and premises for the legal sector. These properties form the backbone of our society. Hemsö has properties in Sweden, Germany and Finland. The hallmarks of Hemsö´s business are long-term leases, stable tenants and strong ownership.

Hemsö owns 421 properties with a combined market value of  SEK 69.6 billion. Hemsö´s vision is to be the best property company for community services. This involves generating added value for our customers and being the preferred property partner for municipalities, county councils and private operators.

Hemsö´s unique expertise in the industry, our size and geographic presence help us to remain at the leading edge in terms of meeting our tenant´s needs today and in the future.

Hemsö is 85 per cent owned by the Third Swedish National Pension Fund and 15 per cent owned by AB Sagax, directly and indirectly.