Sustainability Bond

Hemsö is the first Nordic company to issue a Sustainability Bond. At 27 May 2016 the first issue of SEK 1.000 million was conducted.

First in the Nordic region

Hemsö has issued bonds under an MTN programme for the past number of years. As part of the company’s sustainability work, a framework has been drafted enabling the issuance of sustainable bonds. The framework describes which properties and projects can be funded using sustainable investments. Hemsö has chosen a broader approach to also include social sustainability in addition to environmental and energy aspects in its bonds, which is a new approach for the Nordic region. Handelsbanken has served as adviser regarding the structure of the sustainability terms and conditions and in the process of establishing a framework for sustainable bonds.

Quality assurance by Sustainalytics

To ensure that the programme fulfills the high sustainability requirements that have been set, Sustainalytics, an independent research and analytical institute, has examined the Sustainabiltiy Bond Framework. Sustainalytics has found that Hemsö’s management of environmental and social factors is exceptionally strong for the real estate sector, and it is well-positioned to issue a Sustainability Bond targeting projects with environmental and social impact. Furthermore, after reviewing the project selection process, management of proceeds and reporting, Sustainalytics found that Hemsö’s Sustainability Bond framework fully aligns with the Green Bond Principles, and demonstrates several aspects of market best practice with regards to transparency and disclosure, such as impact reporting and management of funds.

Sustainable Bond List

The Sustainability Bonds are listed at Nasdaq Stockholms Sustainable Bond List.


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Press release 30 May 2016