Hemsö’s business concept is to sustainably develop, own and manage public properties. Our focus is on the people who visit, live and work in our properties, and that they have the right conditions for work, lessons, security, development and care. We have a long-term approach – we combine property management and project development with long-term management and letting. Our profits are mainly returned to Sweden’s pensioners via our largest owner, the Third Swedish National Pension Fund.

The aim of our business operations is to work together with the public sector to meet the need for public properties. This collaboration enables flexibility, innovation and the courage to try new ways to find the optimal solution. Based on the skills and experience we have built up in hundreds of property projects over the years, we can help state, municipal and regional operators to think in new ways, so that the activities to be conducted in the building receive the best conditions and maintain sustainability. 

Our focus areas

Hemsö’s sustainability efforts are strategic and focused on the areas where we, as the developer and owner of public properties, can make a difference and help to increase sustainability for anyone who is affected by our properties, and for society in general.

Our priority areas are:

Please read more about sustainability at Hemsö, in attached presentation.

Sustainability reporting

Hemsö prepares a sustainability report using the GRI reporting framework every year. Through dialogue, we are continuously improving our sustainability processes and the conditions for providing sustainable public services. Read more in the document Stakeholder dialogue according to the GRI framework. We also report our sustainability performance to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), which makes annual global assessments of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performances at company and portfolio level. In 2020, Hemsö raised its score to 78 points (72 points 2019). We also received three Green Stars. The Sustainability Report is integrated with the 2020 Annual Report.

Please read Hemsö’s Sustainability Policy and read Society and our responsibility for more information about Hemsö’s sustainability efforts.